Welcome to our New iRostrum Online Auctions Website!

Welcome to our New iRostrum Online Auctions Website!

We’re very excited to have reached this point having invested a huge amount of time in developing the iRostrum online auction systems over the past two and a half years.

To provide a little more background information about iRostrum, the online auction systems evolved as a result of my own requirements for a fine art focused online auction platform.

As Director of maak - a Fine Art consultancy specialising in Contemporary Ceramics – we had been running regular online auctions since 2009. Within a relatively short period of time it became clear that in order to grow the business we should find a way of running our online auctions under our own brand. On researching the products that were available on the market we realised that there was nothing available that offered the high level of presentation we were after – when you’re selling beautiful art works you want the platform you’re selling through to be beautiful as well.

Working in partnership with a highly experienced bespoke software development company, led by Greg Horne, now a Director of iRostrum, I began development of my own online auction platform that would allow me to integrate my branding so that I could run online auctions through my own site.

The original version of iRostrum launched the maak branded online auctions in 2011.

Following the great success of the maak auctions and the phenomenal response we received from bidders participating in the auctions as well as from fellow auction professionals, I realised the potential of the product we’d built given the obvious gap in the market. If it worked well for me it would work for others.

Therefore in June 2012 I launched iRostrum Online Auctions, signing up our first client shortly after.

The iRostrum online auction system has evolved dramatically since it first launched in 2011. We have developed the two products iRostrum and iRostrum+ to reflect our clients' varying requirements and adapted them so that they can now be fully customised to provide our clients with their own personally branded platform.

The online auction market is one of the fastest growing markets in every auction sector including an increasing number of the top international fine art auction houses who are holding a growing proportion of their auctions online.

With the benefit of my own online auction business experience, iRostrum is in a unique position to understand our clients’ requirements enabling us to offer invaluable guidance.

We look forward to the exciting times ahead of us!

Marijke Varrall-Jones
Founding Director of iRostrum Online Auctions

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