How Auction Houses running their own Online Auction Software can significantly enhance their online profile

How Auction Houses running their own Online Auction Software can significantly enhance their online profile

Currently what appears to be standard practice for most auction houses is to post their auction catalogues on various auction marketing platforms (as you would expect) however instead of channelling the clients back to their own independent website most auction houses will utilise the online bidding facilities within the marketing platforms website. 

This is fundamentally contrary to any other industry practice where the focus is fully on attracting traffic to your own site.


What is a digital marketing strategy?

The basic principle of any digital marketing strategy is to drive online traffic to your website. In very simple terms, the more traffic that hits your website, the better your website will rank in related search engine results.


What does a digital marketing strategy involve?

Search engines such as Google analyse websites, firstly to establish that it is a website it can trust and secondly to verify that your website delivers quality content and information that is relevant to your expert field.

that is relevant to your expert field.
that is relevant to your expert field.
that is relevant to your expert fiel.

A digital marketing strategy typically involves having a strategy in place for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content.  Here’s a brief overview of what’s involved


Search Engine Optimisation


This part of the strategy looks at how we can improve sales, enquiries, traffic and awareness via on-site and off-site content in line with the SEO strategy.

Through having a basic understanding of these principles it is possible to increase your businesses online profile significantly without substantial investment, especially when your site naturally generates traffic through the service it provides.


What is the ideal digital marketing strategy for an Auction House?

Typically companies looking to engage in a digital marketing strategy would need to look at investing a significant part of their budget into link building and establishing their site as a trusted site in order to successfully build their online presence. The concept of running your own online auction software does this for you.

Online Auction Software Can Enhance Your Online Profile

Through having a business which organically generates its own content you are at a significant advantage to other websites who have to carefully author their content in order to demonstrate to search engines that they are an expert in their field.

It’s important that you should still maximise your reach and utilise all the marketing avenues that you have available to you however you must reap the full benefits of your investment and get the client referred back to your own website where you get the benefits of the traffic and you can take full control of the clients current and future interactions.


What does this mean in practice?

Having recognised that the biggest pull for traffic coming to your site are the objects being offered for sale through your website, you need to ensure that when a search engine visits a lot page on your platform it can immediately recognise what item is being shown, primarily on the basis of the lot title.  Therefore if somebody were to search on Google for the title of your item, i.e. the name of the artist, your lot would show on the search results. Obviously the more people that view that page the higher it will then rank in search engines. So with the high level of traffic that comes to your platform to view your online catalogue, your platform and as a result your site, will become recognised as a specialist site for that item and will raise its online ranking.

Ultimately you want your business, its auctions and its lots to all rank on search engines linking directly to your website in order to maximise the benefits of the internet. 


How does the iRostrum Online Auction Software work to enhance its clients’ online profiles?

In line with the ideal digital marketing strategy for an Auction House above, the iRostrum platform has been carefully constructed to ensure it delivers maximum benefits to its clients.  It achieves this through

Supported by a team of experts iRostrum will ensure your online auction software works to the best of you interests where your business is central to all of your client interactions.


Specialist platform construction and maintenance

There are three main areas within the iRostrum platform where your site is fully geared up for SEO automatically

  1. Your main iRostrum landing page, promoting your business and current, future and past auctions
  2. Each auctions landing page, promoting auction overview and specialist areas within it
  3. Each individual lots page, promoting lot title, subtitle and image

In each of the different areas we ensure the website is working to the very best of your interests taking into consideration what the search engines are looking for. 

iRostrum is committed to ensuring that the technical presentation of its information to search engines in 100% up to date with the latest industry standards and best practices.


The iRostrum Community 

Through the concept of a community where each client’s platform is hosted at [clientname] it ensures that the established trust that iRostrum has built benefits all.  Our continued investment and the expansion of the community will continually work to keep your profile elevated.

Through the integration of your iRostrum platform within your own website, your website will naturally benefit directly through the shared trusted links coming from iRostrum which will endorse you brand and online profile further.

In order to support our community we also offer professional services allowing you to get the full benefits of our expertise and take your online presence into a new league.  A summary of the services we offer are as follows

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to explore iRostrum further.


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