What is iRostrum+?

The iRostrum+ online auction management software enables you to hold online auctions via your own personally branded auction platform.

It combines all the innovative features of the iRostrum online auction system with advanced auction management software providing extensive administrative tools for the comprehensive management of your online auction business.

Advanced Auction Management Software

Designed by auction industry experts and technology professionals, iRostrum+ adopts best practices from the leading international auction houses to provide simple and intuitive auction management software.

Client Management

iRostrum+ uses a centralised client data base for the management of all your vendors, new registrations, bidders and buyers. All client activity is recorded against a single client account providing you with a complete overview of your clients’ activity with your company.

Stock Control and Consignment Management

By adopting consignment based inventory procedures, iRostrum+ provides you with an advanced stock control system. All items consigned are entered under a vendor contract and allocated a unique number. The system automatically updates every item’s status as it goes through the various stages of cataloguing, photography, pre-auction, post-auction and collection processes.

iRostrum+ enables you to trace the progress and history of every item from the time that it is consigned by the vendor, through multiple sales, until it is collected by the buyer or returned to the vendor.

Auction and Lot Management

iRostrum+ includes all the tools for setting up and managing your online auctions, including adding auction contacts, viewing times, viewing venues and special notices as well as determining the timings of the live bidding period. Items can be catalogued either before or after being allocated to an auction allowing for flexibility in your procedures. Images can be uploaded and managed on a per item basis or you can take advantage of our bulk image upload tools. Once items are allocated to an auction you have total control over the lot ordering using our various lot scheduling tools.

Post-auction Lot Management

As part of the iRostrum+ advanced online auction management platform you have the ability to manage a range of post-auction procedures including processing after-sales, re-offering lots into future auctions and allocating unsold lots to be returned to the vendor. As part of the stock management procedures there is also the ability to handle client collections.

Invoicing and Other Client Reports

iRostrum+ includes an automatic reporting system connected with the online auction system that allows you to batch generate invoices and vendor settlement statements post-auction.

The iRostrum+ system has been designed to fully comply with alternative UK and EU VAT regulations, including margin scheme, and allows for the implementation of the EU's Artist's Resale Right scheme. Batch generation of vendor settlement statements automatically calculates vendor commission and charges as set at contract or item levels.

In addition, iRostrum+ is able to generate further client documents including pre-sale advice letters and sale results letters for vendors.

Auction Reporting

All data in the system can be easily exported allowing you to access, use and manipulate all the data as required for auction reporting, for example vendor charge reports, buyer reports and bidder reports.

Control your System Settings

iRostrum+ enables you to control your system settings. This includes your default standard client commission and charges which can be adjusted at client contract and item level. It also allows you to control bid increments, default and specialist VAT schemes including margin scheme and security settings.

Who is iRostrum+ for?

iRostrum+ is ideal for any individual or business looking for an advanced online auction system. It provides you with your own personalised auction management platform together with comprehensive software that will enable you to successfully run your online business within one system.

iRostrum+ Features

In addition to all the features outlined in the ‘iRostrum Feature List’:

Advanced Auction Management Software:

  • Configurable system defaults
    • Manage defaults for vendor commission, charges and buyers premium
    • Manage VAT schemes
  • Centralised client management for vendors, bidders and buyers
    • All client data and activity recorded in one place
    • Track individual client consignments and buyer activity from one location
  • Consignment management tools
    • Consignments uniquely referenced through contract / item numbers
    • Set special contract commission charges
    • Add additional charges
    • Creates an item database from where items are allocated to auctions
    • Item status automatically updates as it progresses through sale cycle
    • Allows for comprehensive stock management


  • Post-auction lot management
    • Aftersale processing
    • Re-offer lots into future auctions
    • Vendor & buyer collections
  • Bulk processing tools
  • Client reports / letters
    • Pre-sale Vendor Advice letter
    • Vendor Sale Results letter
  • Invoice management
    • Post auction buyers invoice
    • Post auction vendor settlement statement
    • Auto-calculation of all charges as per client default or special contract terms
    • Auto-calculation of alternative UK and EU VAT regulations
    • Complete implementation of the EU's Artist's Resale Right scheme
    • Invoice / Settlement edit facility with comprehensive version control

iRostrum Branding Service

Your iRostrum auction platform is customised to include your branding.

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Styling Options


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